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Selection of fresh raw fish, carefully filleted and sliced in the traditional way, served raw with special sashimi soy sauce and wasabi “Wasabi” Japanese spicy horseradish.

SALMON Sashimi サーモン刺身

( Small- 10 pieces ) —————————————————— $19


TUNA Sashimi まぐろ刺身

(Small – 10 pieces) —————————————————— $28


Sashimi Combination -Tuna & Salmon刺身盛り合せ

(Small – 10 pieces) —————————————————— $24



Sushi Menu available upon request


Assorted Sushi 寿司盛り合わせ

Combination of Maki Sushi Roll and Nigiri Sushi

(Small – 3 x Nigiri, 6 x Roll) ——————————————- $22


Seaweed Salad 海藻サラダ——————————————- $16

Japanese Wakame Seaweed in fresh garden greens and rocket with light sesame dressing.

Agedashi Tofu 揚げだし豆腐—————————————– $16

Fried tofu in a light batter and Canola Oil served with the Shitake and abalone mushroom sauce.

Edamame 枝豆———————————————————- $7

Steamed Green Soy Bean with a touch of salt


Pan-fried Japanese style Dumplings

Vegetarian野菜(6 pcs) ————————————————- $19

Pork豚     (6 pcs) ———————————————————- $19

Prawn海老     (6 pcs) —————————————————-  $19

Okomomi-Yaki お好み焼き—————————————— $19

Japanese “Pancake” consisting of flour, egg, cabbage and Shrimp.

topped with Okonomi sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and seaweed powder

Tempura FISH and Vegetable 海老と野菜の天ぷら

Traditional Japanese Lightly battered crispy fish and vegetable.

(Small – 2 x fish, couple of seasonal vegetables) —————–   $19

(Large – 4 x fish, couple of seasonal vegetables) —————–   $38

Prawn Spring Roll海老の揚げ春巻き (8 pcs) ———————-  $21

Salt and Pepper Calamari烏賊の胡椒揚げ(8 pcs) ————–   $17

Miso Soup 味噌汁——————————————————-   $5

Traditional Japanese Soy Bean Soup.


Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Steak和牛テンダーロイン・ステーキ————- $80

Wagyu is Japanese breed of cattle that produces a highly marbled beef with astounding and luxurious flavor and exquisitely tender and juicy.


Gippsland O’connor Premium Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin Steak —- $33


House aged grass fed beef tenderloin steak served with a choice of fresh mushroom or teriyaki sauce accompanied with seasonal vegetables.


Gippsland O’connor Premium Grass Fed Beef Rib Eye Steak ——– $33

(pre order)


House aged grass fed beef Rib Eye steak served with freshly toasted garlic accompanied with seasonal vegetables.


Grilled Snapper鯛のグリル——————————————————– $30

Delicate fillet of snapper carefully grilled with a touch of salt and topped with fresh lime skin dust accompanied with seasonal vegetables.


Skinless Chicken Breast Teriyaki若鶏の照焼き—————————- $29

Tender juicy chicken breast served with Orita’s Original HOME MADE TERIYAKI sauce accompanied with seasonal vegetable.



Orita’s Famous Garlic Fried Rice にんにくの焼飯————————- $17


Orita’s Special On-rice Dish 丼物

Delicate stir fried Beef or Chicken or Fish with Orita’s Original HOME MADE TERIYAKI sauce on the bed of steamed rice.

Beef On-rice 牛丼 —————————————————————– $29

Chicken On-rice 鶏丼 ———————————————————– $29

Fish On-rice 鮭丼 —————————————————————– $29


Banana Tempura with Fresh Orange Sauce —————————– $11


**with 1 x scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream + $2.00**

Banana lightly battered with tempura flour served on fresh orange sauce.


Seasonal Mousse 季節のムース————————————————- $11

Delicate Homemade mousse made with fresh seasonal compote topped with vanilla ice cream.


Swiss Chocolate Mousse Cake ———————————————– $11


Homemade Swiss chocolate firm mousse cake with seasonal fruit sauce.


Black Sesame Ice Cream —————————————————— $11


Delicate ice cream made with fresh black sesame.


Green Tea Ice Cream ———————————————————– $11


Delicate ice cream made with Matcha Green Tea flavor